The foam mattress is more difficult to clean because it retains water and dries harder than a mattress made of fabric and spring. Therefore, you need to clean it on a day when you can leave it dry for as long as possible in a well-heated room. If the foam remains wet and covers it with mattress protection, there is a risk of mold.

Cleaning solutions are not at all expensive. You need ¼ liter of hydrogen peroxide, ¼ cup of baking powder and one tablespoon of liquid detergent, which is a very good degreasing agent. Mix these ingredients in a bowl and then pour the solution into a spray container. Spray the solution on stains and insist on the toughest ones or those who get a hard smell. Use a cloth to gently rub the stains to get the best solution into the mattress. After cleaning thoroughly, allow the mattress to dry completely all day, near a heat source near a radiator, for example.

A few necessary tips

  • Oxygen may bleach the mattress if it has a darker yellow color. Take a test before, in a slightly visible area.
  • To dry out the mattress faster, use a room fan or hairdryer set at a medium temperature.
  • If the mattress does not dry until the evening when you go to bed, put a thick cotton towel over the wet area and stretch the bedding. The next day as soon as you wake up, unlock the mattress and let it dry out well.

Useful tips for maintaining mattresses

Did you manage to buy a mattress for your needs? Congratulations! You will enjoy nights with restful sleep, but also moments of spoil. You will definitely want to enjoy the benefits of your new mattress for as long as possible, so you should know a few tips on how to maintain it. Explore the best beds at the park meadow Coloradostore near you.

Return the mattress

The mattress needs to be turned twice a year, even more when talking about a spring mattress. This avoids compression that can cause the arcs to deform. If you have a two-face mattress (summer / winter) you have one more reason to return the mattress: use the appropriate face.


No matter how good the mattress is, even if it is made of hypoallergenic materials, dust is a dreadful enemy. To keep him away as often as possible, he will as much as a mattress and enjoy not only a restful sleep, but also healthy hygiene. If you deal with this, you can say goodbye to the allergies that made you headaches until now!