Man spends a third of his life sleeping (about 8 hours a day, every day), and this recovery period is extremely important for physical or mental health.

However, the mattress is not always treated with due care, and bad choices translate into fatigue, muscle aches and an incorrect posture of the body, which may worsen over time and lead to difficult or expensive treatable conditions. Bedding available on the market uses more constructive solutions that differ a lot from each other and have every advantage and disadvantage. Some solutions are very old and known, others are old but less used, and some are new and try to offer some advantages without always succeeding in breaking old technologies.

The main factors in choosing a mattress

The main factors in choosing a mattress are comfort and price. If we first discuss the first, the second must first be achieved. There are a lot of products on the market, ranging from cheap models to exorbitantly expensive models, but the choice of price must also take into account the specificity of this product. You cannot ask anyone to make a two-year credit to afford a $2500 mattress, but choosing an inexpensive model is often a mistake. You will find the best at the arrowhead mall AZfor local deals on tips.

Indeed, even a medium-sized model may seem expensive, but you must keep in mind that a mattress is not a television, laptop or cell phone. Unlike expensive products that are fast-paced, a good quality mattress will remain as good and over 5, 10 or even 15 years, and there will be no technological revolution, either tomorrow or two years, requires us to change a good product that has become technologically outdated. To this, you also add, naturally, the greater attention you should be given to the health and comfort that you should enjoy over the course of one third of our whole life.

How to choose a new mattress depending on how we sleep

Since the mattress is a common everyday object, every person has an opinion on the subject, but this is not necessarily correct. General tips are questionable at first because each of us sleeps in a certain way and has certain affections or predispositions, and what is wonderful for a person can be catastrophic for the other.

The most important criterion is the position where you are sleeping. People sleeping on the back generally need a medium-hardened mattress because it will best support the body in a natural position that does not overload the shoulders or the lumbar area. Because many people are asleep, it’s no wonder these mattresses are the most expensive.