How to choose the right mattress and why it is important for your health

If it seems simple to choose a sleeping mat, this article will make you change your mind. The reasons why such a purchase deserves more attention are not very few and are related to health, beauty and comfort.

Why you have to carefully choose your mattress

First of all, the fact that we all spend a third of our sleeping life should be a good reason to look for the most appropriate mattress. That’s not all, but: medicine has long established that there is a close link between the incorrect body position and various affections, which makes the posture adopted during sleep, just like the position we stand in the office , to influence not only the shape of the spine but also the general health.

And if that was not enough, it is worth mentioning that even beauty relates to the position we are sleeping in. A firm but rigid mattress prevents the appearance of lines at the neck and face, especially when you stop using the pillow. In addition, the mattresses, along with carpets and curtains, are the place where they like the mites to hide, and they are the main responsible for a large number of allergies. For more you can have a look at the mattresses Tucson AZ stores now.

The importance of the mattress for a restful sleep

Mattress is therefore one of the factors you need to consider when assessing how the environment affects your health and wellbeing.

How do you know you do not have the right mat in the bedroom?

  • You have a restless sleep
  • You wake up in the tired morning, and the condition persists throughout the day
  • Have back pain, also felt at the neck
  • The skin looks tired or acne, despite the fact that you are following a ritual of care

Sleep deprivation creates health problems and has negative effects on beauty, so you have to make sure you choose the best mattress. What does this mean? How do you know the right model? Beyond your own preferences, which usually include design and material hardness, it is necessary to consider the system underlying the mattress (spring, latex or foam, or even water bed), its height, the way it is adapts to the spine, if it provides good air ventilation, if it is hypoallergenic etc. The quality of sleep, as well as the overall health condition depends on all these factors.

The solutions needed to clean the foam mattress

The foam mattress is more difficult to clean because it retains water and dries harder than a mattress made of fabric and spring. Therefore, you need to clean it on a day when you can leave it dry for as long as possible in a well-heated room. If the foam remains wet and covers it with mattress protection, there is a risk of mold.

Cleaning solutions are not at all expensive. You need ¼ liter of hydrogen peroxide, ¼ cup of baking powder and one tablespoon of liquid detergent, which is a very good degreasing agent. Mix these ingredients in a bowl and then pour the solution into a spray container. Spray the solution on stains and insist on the toughest ones or those who get a hard smell. Use a cloth to gently rub the stains to get the best solution into the mattress. After cleaning thoroughly, allow the mattress to dry completely all day, near a heat source near a radiator, for example.

A few necessary tips

  • Oxygen may bleach the mattress if it has a darker yellow color. Take a test before, in a slightly visible area.
  • To dry out the mattress faster, use a room fan or hairdryer set at a medium temperature.
  • If the mattress does not dry until the evening when you go to bed, put a thick cotton towel over the wet area and stretch the bedding. The next day as soon as you wake up, unlock the mattress and let it dry out well.

Useful tips for maintaining mattresses

Did you manage to buy a mattress for your needs? Congratulations! You will enjoy nights with restful sleep, but also moments of spoil. You will definitely want to enjoy the benefits of your new mattress for as long as possible, so you should know a few tips on how to maintain it. Explore the best beds at the park meadow Coloradostore near you.

Return the mattress

The mattress needs to be turned twice a year, even more when talking about a spring mattress. This avoids compression that can cause the arcs to deform. If you have a two-face mattress (summer / winter) you have one more reason to return the mattress: use the appropriate face.


No matter how good the mattress is, even if it is made of hypoallergenic materials, dust is a dreadful enemy. To keep him away as often as possible, he will as much as a mattress and enjoy not only a restful sleep, but also healthy hygiene. If you deal with this, you can say goodbye to the allergies that made you headaches until now!

Choosing the Right Mattress for Your Family

The mattress is one of the most important elements when resting properly. This is not nonsense, because if we consider that we spend about a third of our lives lying in bed and that a good rest is paramount to be able to perform the next day, the mattress should be one of the elements of the home that take care.

The quality must be one of the unavoidable points; however, before the great offer that there is in the market, sometimes it is difficult to discern which is the most suitable for our rest. That is why here are the basic guidelines to know how to choose a good mattress, to be able to rest perfectly and get up every morning with all the energy to be able to do what you want.

Firmness of the mattress

One of the most important elements that should be taken into account when choosing a mattress is the fact that it allows to support the body in a correct and natural way . To achieve this goal, it is important that you have a medium firmness.

What does that mean? That is firm enough so that it can support the weight of the body well, but without a hardness that could end up being uncomfortable. As a general rule, a healthy mattress for the majority should be so soft that it is comfortable for the person, but not so soft that the body sinks. A mattress that is too soft makes the feeling of heat much greater, making it difficult for the person to rest. On the other hand, it also fails to properly hold the column and is not good for the back. Excellent deals are now here with the domain Austin.

Which mattress is best according to personal needs?

There are certain conditions and personal needs that will also make us opt for more specific mattresses. It is important to know that depending on which conditions require a mattress or other, then we explain what mattresses are for certain specific personal needs , always keeping in mind that the last word is your specialist doctor:

If you suffer from circulation problems, it is always advisable to use a more flexible mattress, more resilient, that adapts better to your body, as well as an articulated bed base that allows at a given moment to raise the legs or the upper part of the body. It is important to consider your health and physical condition to choose the most appropriate mattress.

 How do you choose the best mattress?

Man spends a third of his life sleeping (about 8 hours a day, every day), and this recovery period is extremely important for physical or mental health.

However, the mattress is not always treated with due care, and bad choices translate into fatigue, muscle aches and an incorrect posture of the body, which may worsen over time and lead to difficult or expensive treatable conditions. Bedding available on the market uses more constructive solutions that differ a lot from each other and have every advantage and disadvantage. Some solutions are very old and known, others are old but less used, and some are new and try to offer some advantages without always succeeding in breaking old technologies.

The main factors in choosing a mattress

The main factors in choosing a mattress are comfort and price. If we first discuss the first, the second must first be achieved. There are a lot of products on the market, ranging from cheap models to exorbitantly expensive models, but the choice of price must also take into account the specificity of this product. You cannot ask anyone to make a two-year credit to afford a $2500 mattress, but choosing an inexpensive model is often a mistake. You will find the best at the arrowhead mall AZfor local deals on tips.

Indeed, even a medium-sized model may seem expensive, but you must keep in mind that a mattress is not a television, laptop or cell phone. Unlike expensive products that are fast-paced, a good quality mattress will remain as good and over 5, 10 or even 15 years, and there will be no technological revolution, either tomorrow or two years, requires us to change a good product that has become technologically outdated. To this, you also add, naturally, the greater attention you should be given to the health and comfort that you should enjoy over the course of one third of our whole life.

How to choose a new mattress depending on how we sleep

Since the mattress is a common everyday object, every person has an opinion on the subject, but this is not necessarily correct. General tips are questionable at first because each of us sleeps in a certain way and has certain affections or predispositions, and what is wonderful for a person can be catastrophic for the other.

The most important criterion is the position where you are sleeping. People sleeping on the back generally need a medium-hardened mattress because it will best support the body in a natural position that does not overload the shoulders or the lumbar area. Because many people are asleep, it’s no wonder these mattresses are the most expensive.