Did you know that a top mattress can greatly improve your sleep quality? A mattress topper extends the life of your mattress. It even has the power to change a mediocre or bad mattress into a mattress that gives you a comfortable and relaxed sleep. Moreover, a top mattress can save you money in the long run. These are only a few advantages of a mattress topper.

What is a top mattress?

A top mattress is an approximately 5 cm thick mattress that lies on top of your regular mattress. Don’t confuse a mattress topper with a mattress protector, which is thinner and more flexible. A mattress protector is a top layer. The mattress protector is located between the top mattress and the sheet and is mainly used for hygienic purposes.

Combine a thin mattress with a thick top mattress

Maybe you made a wrong choice when you bought your mattress, or perhaps your weight has increased or decreased since you bought the mattress. A top mattress can make up for both situations. It can serve as compensation if your mattress is too firm or too soft, or if the pressure of your body on the mattress has changed and you are less comfortable than before. An old mattress brings you back to life with a correct top mattress.

Protection of your mattress

Even if you already have a good quality mattress, it is a good idea to supplement it with a mattress topper. It supports the pressure points of your body, protects your mattress and improves your sleep quality. A top mattress also extends the life of your mattress:

  • It protects the mattress from moisture.
  • It protects the mattress against wear.
  • It increases the durability of the shape of the mattress.

It is advisable to replace the top layer of your bed every five years from Mattress Store Austin. In this way you prevent an accumulation of dust mites. If the top layer is a mattress, this can become expensive. That is why a top mattress is a good investment. You can remove and wash the cover from some top mattresses to prevent dust mites. If that is not possible, it is still cheaper to replace a top mattress on a regular basis than to replace a mattress or a whole bed.

Are there also disadvantages?

Not really. If you worry that the bed will look sloppy because the sheet does not fit over it, it is not necessary. You can find sheets that are large enough to cover the 3-5 centimeters that the top mattress adds to the bed.

Which top mattress do you choose?

Which top mattress you choose is very personal. Do you prefer a hard or soft mattress? Do you quickly get cold or warm when you sleep? Which top mattress fits best with your bed? Take a moment to answer these questions and feel how each top mattress feels when you lie on it. If you suffer from back pain, read our blog about how to best choose a mattress against back pain.